Monday, June 29, 2015

OCT-DEC 2014 "Highlights"

I have been such a slacker so I am going to hit a few of the "highlights" to get us caught up!

Mid October Jeff was sworn in as a real attorney in the state of Utah! We are all so proud of what he has accomplished! 

We had a fun halloween! Mila was Batman, Eliza was Robin, I was Wonder Woman, and Jeff was Super Man! 

The girls caught on to trick-or-treating very fast and both came home with full buckets! Lucky skunks! 

Nov 5: Jeff had a birthday #32! We love him so much! (Wow, look at all of those candles!!!) 

Mila got her cast taken off the first week of November she was very brave while they used the loud saw to cut it off!

We had a fun filled fall:
we took a lot of trips to the zoo...

A few trips to the children's museum...

Gardner village to see the witches...

A trip to the aquarium

The dinosaur museum...

We went to lots of birthday parties (and got to meet a few princesses)...

We spent Thanksgiving in St George with Jeff's family it was so much fun we went hiking, biking, swimming, played games, apparently it was so full of fun I forgot to get my camera out, but that's ok we made memories and that's what counts. I am thankful for my family! This picture of the girls was taken just before thanksgiving! They have both grown so much! I am so proud of them!

Christmas was wonderful! We had a great time celebrating with family.

After Christmas we went to St George with my family for a few days and had a great time swimming, hiking and playing. We also took a day trip to Las Vegas did some shopping and got to have a date night.. we went to the Michael Jackson ONE cirque de solei show and then rode the New York, New York roller coaster! 

And just thought I'd throw in a few random pictures because sometimes it's just fun to "hang out"..

The girls love to have "tea parties" and practice using proper "etiquette"

Mila went through a stage where she thought it was funny to put herself in "time out"

Eliza is the best sleeper even under not the best circumstances...

My first attempt at making clothes... I made Eliza's shirt and Mila's skirt I was pretty happy with how they turned out! 

This is where they spend most of their time, in the playroom under the stairs (this picture was to prove that at one point in time it was clean!) 

Eliza wants to wear big girl undies so bad! 

Bath hair!

My own little "elf on the shelf"

Reading books in their princess castle

They love playing with the pups..

And in the pup's cages..

I think that pretty much covers it, life is busy and two toddlers can be hard work, but I don't think it getts any better than this!