Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 (Kentucky Style)

We love having Sunday dinner with our friends.  
This week we gave our dinner a Halloween make-over
It was so much Fun!

These Jello worms made from a recipe I found on Pinterest turned out awesome/gross!
At the beginning of dinner Josie (our friend's little girl) couldn't stand the thought of eating one of these worms and was super grossed out that we would eat them in front of her, but by the end of the dinner she was offering them to all of us and even dropping some in our food & drinks! --oh wait I think Shaun was the one dropping them in the drinks?

I made some Bloody Witches Fingers (Shortbread)

I made some Lizard Eyes (Deviled eggs)

Candace made some awesome veggie dip/cracker spread shaped like a skull
Candace also made bloody band-aids out of graham cracker cookies and frosting/jelly and found purple cauliflower to add to a veggie tray, and a rack of Ribs and sausages. (sorry I didn't get a picture)

Shaun made pork burritos and shaped the rice on top of the beans into a human skull!

Just so happens my Mom is in town this week! We love having her here! and have offered to let her stay permanently to be Mila's live-in-Grammy/Nanny! Here she is holding Mila in her adorable little Halloween outfit that Jeff's mom got for her! Thanks Diane she looks so cute!

Mila in her First Costume:

She is such a Chicken!

Yeah her parent's costumes were a little less original:
Jeff is Jen (also we think this may be a little what Mila looks like when she grows up) - Jen is Jeff

...Yeah we are friends with Goldilocks and the three bears! NBD
we love these people!

The Girls:
Love Mila's Chicken Face!!!

  wow we are ALL so NEAT!
oh, and Shaun isn't in costume he is a real scientist! (he dissected his dinner with his hands)

Love Halloween (and any excuse to play with friends and family) !!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

My LA-LA Girl

Just a couple pictures I have been meaning to post..
(they are actually a couple weeks old now.. but still just as cute)

This GIRL just wants to have FUN


Until she finally gives up and PASSES out.. 

Daddy Duty

Jeff has taken to Daddy duty every weekend like you wouldn't believe,
 and it goes a little something like this:

Mila loves being bounced on the yoga ball

Friday Night Jeff is teaching Mila the art of TV Watching

Good thing we had Grandma Tami send us all the Seasons of the Simpsons!!!

She already has TV ZOMBIE EYES...

Saturday Morning Jeff and Mila went to Keeneland 
(the horse park) with the Hewards for "Brunch"
 and they got to learn about the race horses

They had painted the horse to show it's anatomy

It looks cold, good thing Mila is dressed warm

Sunday Afternoon naptime (even Nixon and keets get in on it!)

Passed out.. Daddy Duty weekends are TOUGH! 
Nice work you two..

Giggly Girls

My two most favorite girls in the whole world. Jen was really making Mila laugh while feeding her some delicious bananas. It was so adorable.